Failing Thunder

Peace and Security brought at the end of a sword.

For a thousand years the empire has stood a beacon of culture, skill, and relative peace. It is a place of ambitious warlords, cunning warriors, and powerful magics. Divided under the blessings of the Emperor, it’s lands are ruled by the whims of seven powerful Great Clans who claim descent from ancient Heavenly beings cast down to earth at the dawn of time. Rokugan is a land bound by duty and burdened under the weight of prophecy. A weight so immense that cracks have begun to form and some who walk the paths of mystic sight have begun numbering the ever darkening days.

Ahead of all of us there will be choices. These choices no matter how small, like pebbles in a snowstorm gather the snow, shall make avalanches of words and warlords of peasants. In saying this to you now I have cast one of my pebbles. I can only hope that it’s path spares a few that might not have been otherwiseNaka Kuro, Grand Master of the Elements addresses the Imperial Court at Kyuden Isawa

Rise of the Shogun

Rise of the Shogun is Part 1 of the Failing Thunder Campaign.
The outset of the game begins in a turbulent time for the empire. The clans are circling one another looking for weaknesses all the while blind to the happenings in their own borders. The land becomes more and more lawless as whole provinces start slipping through the cracks. These are the times your characters have inherited from your venerated ancestors.

Blood has been spilled, unforgivable crimes committed, a princess kidnapped, a coup plotted, and an honorable man holds the key to the future of the empire. An assembly has been called by the Doji to settle these matters before they get out of hand. The masters of the Crane have failed to realize…

There is no going back

The rules for character creation are Here

Failing Thunder

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