Character Creation

Character creation is pretty straight forward.
Basic 4e. L5R build system.
Restricted Clans and Professions are as follows:

  • Crab: All Families: all schools
  • Crane: No Doji, No Asahina: All schools
  • Dragon: No Agasha/Tamori: No Agasha/tamori schools
  • Lion: No Kitsu, Akodo(With GM APPROVAL): No Kitsu schools
  • Mantis: Is a Minor Clan all families will be treated as if they are their own clans (GM APPROVAL REQUIRED)
  • Phoenix: No Agasha, No Asako: No Agasha schools, No Asako schools
  • Scorpion: (GM APPROVAL)
  • Unicorn: None
  • Imperial Family:(GM APPROVAL)
  • Ronin: All
  • Monk; None
  • Minor Clan: No Fox, Hare, Centipede, Bat, Ox, Monkey, Wasp, Snake: All related schools

No character may start with more than 2 skills at 4

Standard restrictions on advantages and disadvantages will be lifted or enforced on a case by case basis.

All characters are required to take at least one disadvantage for no points. This will play a part in your characters background and motivate further roleplaying. Rewards will be alloted for full background development to make up for point losses.
All players will receive additional BP’s for creating and fleshing out 5 npc’s of various power levels. There is a sane limit to these.

Character Creation

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